The key to preventing diabetic retinopathy?

Unprecedented Accuracy.

Accuretina offers customized datasets derived from a comprehensive, standardized, and fully curated dataset of 3 million clinical retinal images of diabetes patients for use in analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, retinal reading center training, pharmaceutical studies, disease management, clinical validation studies and diabetic retinopathy care management case studies.

The AccuRetina Dataset provides a new opportunity to better understand, identify, manage, and treat retinal disease and end diabetes-related blindness.

Recent technological advancement in computing strength, machine learning power, and communication systems have created an opportunity for AccuRetina to develop an unprecedented retinal scan dataset. This dataset gives an increased availability in the extensive and diverse representation of retinal image sets required to test digital screening platforms.

retinal scan

7-field stereo

Diabetic retinal imaging process according to the ETDRS “Gold Standard” for 7-field stereo fundus photography.

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In addition to a breadth of increased retinal scanning availability, the AccuRetina Dataset presents this information in an accessible format that is readily available to both researchers and physicians.